About us

Here at GEKKO Agency we are passionate about details. Our simple, honest mission is to make high quality, custom fit items with unique designs that align with your brand values and visual identity.

We are motivated by taking great care at every stage of the process, from design to distribution. We work with carefully researched suppliers who have Global Organic Textile Standard Certification. We are eco-minded in our delivery methods, and are renowned for always delivering on our promises. For all these reasons and more, we have quickly grown from a small independent start-up to one of the biggest entertainment industry clothing production companies in Europe.


Since 2013, we have worked very selectively with hundreds of clients and have taken their dreams from early sketches to reality.

We have an efficient, cost effective and stress free chain that is tried and tested by a carefully selected roster of globally recognised brands, DJs and events companies. What sets us apart is that we do everything in house. This means our dedicated, professional team has eyes on every single stage of the process, meaning not only high quality, but also efficient communication with clients as projects progress.

What we do

We sit down with our clients, discuss concepts, strategy and tailor results to exactly your needs.

We are experts at launching brands from scratch. Everything is bespoke. You are always a core part of the team that works on your project. We never simply print on standard garments, but instead work closely with you to design custom hoods, caps, tees, shirts, tracksuits and much more, all with responsibly sourced fabrics. In fact, we take pride in sourcing any luxury fabric or yarn you require. Nothing is too much for our passionate team. We relish every challenge, and are keen to assist with whatever requirements you have, 24/7.

Concept & Design

Sampling & Production

Webshop Building

Warehouse Storage

Worldwide Distribution

Customer Service

Our service

After the initial design service, we take care of samples, prototypes and production at our own dedicated and fully vetted manufacturers.

We then work closely with you on designing and building custom websites and -shops that suit your target market. On top of that, our 1000m2 warehouse takes care of distributing your brand to anywhere in the world within 48 hours, all in eco-minded paper packing, with a complete range of customer services for after sales care.


Van Graftstraat 10
3088 GL Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Van Graftstraat 10
3088 GL Rotterdam
The Netherlands


With GEKKO by your side, you have peace of mind. Proven quality assurance.

A team that puts time, care and love into each and every project. By allowing us to do what we do best, you are free to focus on what you do best.

To contact the support team and for all other inquiries: info@gekkoagency.com